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EcoPosh Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) Newborn Fitted Cloth Diaper
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EcoPosh Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) Newborn Fitted Cloth Diaper

 The refreshed Ecoposh OBV Newborn Fitted Cloth Diaper is a premium blend of organic bamboo velour, a plush cushion for your preemie or newborn. The Ecoposh OBV Newborn Fitted Cloth Diaper features a snap down front for sensitive cord care. The snap-in OBV insert provides maximum absorbency along with fast drying times for frequent changes. The Ecoposh OBV Newborn Fitted Cloth Diaper, made of luxurious organic materials, is the perfect solution when welcoming your new bundle to cloth diapers.

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EcoPosh by Kangacare

The Ecoposh OBV Newborn Fitted Cloth Diaper is designed to fit preemies and newborns ranging from 4 -12 pounds. The Ecoposh OBV Newborn is made from organic cotton, bamboo velour (viscose of bamboo rayon) and recycled water bottles. The Ecoposh OBV Newborn features a snap-in organic bamboo velour (viscose of bamboo rayon) insert that is four layers thick allowing for more thorough cleaning and faster drying time. The Ecoposh OBV Newborn is a fitted diaper, which is not waterproof. This diaper requires the use of a diaper cover, such as the Ecoposh Wool Diaper Cover (sold separately). This diaper is the perfect solution for nighttime use or heavy wetters. Ecoposh OBV, complete with the snap insert, is an absorbent seven layers thick!

PREP: Prior to first use; wash Ecoposh OBV Newborn twice through a full wash cycle in hot water (no detergent) with a cold rinse, tumble dry medium. This will shrink diaper and pad to appropriate size and "sponge" up fabric for maximum absorbency. Fullest absorbency will be reached after five washes. The diaper may begin to be used after two washes.

TO USE: Snap in the absorbent pad. If baby’s cord stump is still present, snap-down the cord care feature. Fasten diaper to baby. This diaper needs a cover so we recommend the Ecoposh Wool Cover or the Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Cover.

WASH & CARE: 1. Cold rinse, no detergent. 2. Hot Wash/Cold Rinse with the suggested amount of detergent. See for full list of recommended detergents. Tumble dry medium. Inserts may be dried on high heat.

  • Plush organic bamboo velour (OBV) inside
  • Each diaper is constructed with nearly 5 recycled water bottles
  • Snap down front for sensitive umbilical cord care
  • Fits approximately 4-12 pounds

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