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FuzziBunz Diapers

FuzziBunz Diapers

Rarely do parents have the opportunity to experience true originality, such as is available with FuzziBunz diapers. That is because good ideas are often duplicated over and over again. In fact, this happens so often that it is often hard to remember who created the idea or design in the first place. When talking of pocket diapers, few people realize that the original design idea was originated by Tereson Thomas, who set out to cure her own baby of diaper rash. Until 1999, when that occurred, there really wasn't any diapers that were being made with a removable soaker that was stuffed inside the diaper. In fact, it was such an original design, that FuzziBunz diapers are one of the only brands to have been awarded a legal patent.

FuzziBunz diapers have the same basic design that parents have enjoyed for over ten years. An outer layer of waterproof PUL is accompanied by an inside layer of fleece, allowing wetness to wick to the inside of the pocket where the soaker material is placed. The ingenious design ensures that there is full elasticity at the back waist, even though this is also where the pocket opening is located. Leg elastic keeps messes contained inside the diaper and also makes sure that a snug and comfortable fit is achieved. Some things have changed over the years, such as widening the wings, though they are still able to adjust the fit of the waist and leg area independently. The original FuzziBunz diapers were multi-sized and are still available today as the FuzziBunz Perfect Fit diaper line. Three sizes accommodate a full range of ages, in dozens of bright and fun colors for both boys and girls.

As the FuzziBunz diapers progressed as a brand, the company realized that their customer base wanted more and created several other products to meet those needs. Taking advantage of the fact that many parents didn't want to invest in a system that required numerous sizes as their baby grew, FuzziBunz diapers are now available in a one-size design. Again, FuzziBunz completely reinvented how this idea works. Instead of having an adjustable rise that requires extra fabric to be put somewhere, button-hole elastic gives a full range of fit in both the waist and leg area. The one-size model will still be bulkier than the Perfect Fit option, but it works great for parents who want to save money on their diapers and can handle a bit of bulk. With so many similar cloth diaper products on the market, it's always nice to find a company that is completely focused on originality. You can find the original FuzziBunz diapers, as well as wet bags, wipes and other accessories, at Kelly's Closet.
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