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As the original pocket style diaper, FuzziBunz cloth diapers benefit from years of testing by both the designer and the extensive customer base. In fact, the concept of an all-in-one style diaper with removable liners was so new when first developed by Tereson Thomas. Thomas invented one of the only brands of cloth diapers to have been awarded a patent. Today, many pocket style diapers are sold, but the FuzziBunz system is still top-of-the-line and engineered for superior performance.

While there have been some slight design changes in the decade since FuzziBunz cloth diapers were first made, the basic principles remain the same. The outer shell is still made with commercial grade laminated fabric, known as PUL. An absorbent pad, made from microfiber terry cloth tucks inside an easy to access pocket opening found at the back of the diaper. Because of the thoughtful design of the FuzziBunz diaper, this doesn't preclude elastic at the back waist, improving the overall fit. The micro-fiber fabric also contributes to this feature, as it can absorb many times its weight without creating bulk inside the diaper's outer shell. These cloth diapers close with durable plastic snaps. Unlike hook and loop tape, which can curl, wear and lose its holding ability, plastic snaps often outlast the diaper's useful life.

The FuzziBunz brand offers two main types of cloth diapers. A one-size design features snaps that allow each diaper to be customized as the baby grows. This option is more affordable than replacing your entire diapering collection each time your baby hits a growth spurt. There are some downsides to the one-size design. While your FuzziBunz cloth diapers will work with a very young baby, there is often a lot of bulk when the diaper is adjusted to the smaller size range. Most babies grow quite quickly, however, and the money savings of a one-size diaper should make up for the slight fit issues with newborns. For those who want a more trim and consistent fit, FuzziBunz Perfect Size might be a better option. The extra small fits newborns, including preemies as small as four pounds, while the large size fits toddlers as big as 45 pounds. While purchasing several size ranges can be expensive, many parents keep costs down by taking advantage of the overlap in the size ranges. A baby that fits into an extra-small quite snugly might be able to move directly to a medium-sized FuzziBunz. You can also use a sized diaper for the newborn stage, replacing the collection with the one-sized design when the baby gets a little bit older.

Besides cloth diapers, this line of products also sells diapering accessories, including wipes, liners, changing pads, and wet bags. At Kelly's Closet, you can also find FuzziBunz items for mom, such as cloth menstrual pads. This full featured line of products has years of service backing up its design. FuzziBunz have been the go to cloth diaper for savvy moms for over a decade, and is sure to be around for many more.
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