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Happy Heineys

Happy Heineys

When it comes to a full-featured diapering company, Happy Heineys truly delivers. With more than eight years of experience, working closely with mothers and babies, they have spent hundreds of hours working hard to meet the needs of all their potential customers. The company takes a broad approach to this endeavor and delivers products that stand above the crowd in almost every cloth diapering category.

Diapers and Covers

Of course, most cloth diapering companies make their main focus their line of diapering products. While some companies have one or two offerings, Happy Heineys has products in almost every category. Happy Heineys are available in a simple fitted diaper, with both Aplix and snap closures. They also sell a diaper cover that is the perfect match. These diapers are ideal for parents who want full flexibility, featuring sizes ranging from newborn to toddler. For those wanting ease of use, Happy Heineys produce a very popular line of one-size AIO pocket diapers. In fact, the brand has been seen on national television and is the recipient of the Mom's Best Award, indicating that it is a favorite with discerning parents. The AIOs also have more options than other brands, including fun prints. In addition, less sizes mean that Happy Heineys are easy on the pocketbook.


As the Happy Heineys brand has developed, the company has stepped up efforts to offer a full line of supporting products, making the entire cloth diapering experience more pleasant. Accessories include basic items like hemp soakers, known as Stuffins, and doublers. Hemp is an eco-friendly, durable and extremely absorbent fabric choice. Happy Heineys also make the changing and washing routine easy with changing pads, wet bags and deodorizing spray.

Products for Mom

When a mom decides to use cloth diapers on her baby, she quickly becomes aware of the many benefits. Because of this, it makes sense that cloth products for mom are a complementary item for cloth diaper manufacturers. After all, if your want Happy Heineys comfort for your little one, why wouldn't you also want softness for your own needs? Happy Heineys offers several cloth products for mom, including a washable nursing pad and an innovative and comfortable cloth menstrual pad.

As a customer, you will spend a good deal of time examining the many options offered by Happy Heineys. In the process, you might miss one of the most important reasons to purchase from this cutting-edge company. Simply put, the company cares! As a small manufacturer, families come first and moms are the core of this company. Real moms, just like you, actually sew your diapers with care and concern, meaning that you get the absolute best for your baby. Real babies test new designs and it's not at all uncommon to hear a child's laughter at the company's headquarters. When you raise a family, you have to be careful where you spend your hard-earned money. You want the best for your baby, at the absolute lowest price. In partnership with Kelly's Closet, the Happy Heineys brand of cloth diapers delivers.
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