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About Us Our story starts in 2005.  My husband and I were running a brick & mortar bookstore together when we had our first child.  From the very beginning, we fought diaper rash.  I tried everything but nothing helped.  When she was about 7 weeks old, someone online convinced me to try cloth diapers.  With a great deal of skepticism and desperation, I bought two to try. When they arrived in the mail, I was shocked at how soft they were, how easy they were to use, and best of all, how quickly my daughter's persistent rash cleared up.  I went on a shopping spree and bought our very first "stash" of cloth diapers.   Fast forward a few months.  Our bookstore was not doing well and working very long hours wasn't conducive to being the parents we wanted to be.  Taking our entrepreneurial spirit in a new direction, I opened a small online diaper store.  Over the next year, it grew steadily and we knew our future was in diapers!  In 2006, we closed our bookstore and bought a new company...a tiny diaper company named Knickernappies.  It came with an excellent reputation and a handful of patterns.  We re-opened in October 2006 and introduced Knickernappies to the world through a small network of retailers.  Over the next several years, we improved on the original patterns, introduced the OneSize diaper, and added lots of accessories.  Our exclusive LoopyDo and SuperDo inserts, created out of our own need for trim, but absorbent, inserts for our daughter, became bestsellers. Today, my husband Shannon and I work together to bring you the best quality diapers and accessories.  We still work from home, though now we have a custom-built garage that we use as our warehouse.  All of our Knickernappies-branded diapers, inserts, and sewn products are produced right here in Oregon.   On a personal note, Shannon and I have been married since 1999.  We both hold Forestry degrees from Oregon State University (classes of 97 and 99).  Our daughter is well past potty training, but in 2010 we added another diaper tester to the company.  Let the fun begin again!  (And in 2013 we added yet another diaper tester, briefly having two in diapers!)
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