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Make Your Own Cloth Diapers

You could make your own cloth diapers, but not everyone has the time or the sewing skills to complete such a large project. If you plan on doing the diaper laundry every other day, you'll need to make between 20 and 24 diapers for your newborn. You'll want all the diapers ready before your little one arrives home from the hospital. So, make your own cloth diapers before your expected delivery date.

Preparing for your baby's arrival is an important job. Who has time to make their own cloth diapers? Busy moms-to-be who aren't up for the challenge of sewing their own cloth diapers will be happy to find Kelly's Closet has newborn cloth diapers from the most trusted brand names in the cloth diapering industry. Get all of the cloth diapers and cloth diapering products you need for your baby without needing to make your own cloth diapers.

The Perfect Fit

Having trouble finding a cloth diaper to fit your baby? Babies who are born premature, or slightly smaller than the average newborn may be too small for the cloth diapers available on the market. Even flats and prefolds seem bulky around your tiny baby. Poor fitting diapers can cause leaks and blow outs. To prevent messes and get the perfect fit, you might try to make your own cloth diapers. Sewing your own cloth diapers seems like an easy task, but if you are a beginning or rusty seamstress, you'll find it a challenging project. Sewing in snaps, pockets, hook and loop closures and elastic will have you in a tizzy. Kelly's Closet has ready-made cloth diapers available in newborn and preemie sizes. Leave it to the professionals. Cloth diaper brands like Rumparooz, FuzziBunz and Happy Heiny's make cloth diapers to fit even the smallest babies. You won't have to struggle to find the perfect fitting diaper for your baby. Many of the diaper brands are available with hook and loop closures, making it easier to tighten the diaper around your baby for a secure, comfortable fit.

Cloth diapers come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some diaper brands offer cloth diapers made from organic fabrics. Hemp, organic cotton and wool diapers are soft, absorbent and gentle against your baby's soft skin.

Other Products

Even if you make your own cloth diapers, you will need to buy other diapering accessories to go with them. Kelly's Closet has the diaper insterts, pins, Snappis and other accessories required for a cloth diapering system. Get cute wet or dry bags to store dirty cloth diapers during outings and weekend trips. Diaper cleaning products, sprayers and washing solutions are also available. Kelly's closet has all the cloth diapers and cloth diapering products you'll need to make diapering your baby fast and simple. Best of all, you won't have to thread needles or bandage pin pricks received while trying to make your own cloth diapers.

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