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Making Cloth Diapers

Kelly's Closet is making cloth diapers an affordable diapering choice for parents. Many parents think they have to settle for disposable diapers because of their busy, on-the-go lifestyle. They can't imagine washing cloth diapers.

With advancements in cloth diaper designs and cleaning accessories, making cloth diapers as easy to use as disposable diapers is now possible. Kelly's Closet also publishes cloth diapering tips and strategies, making cloth diapers easy to clean at home with your washing machine and dryer.

What are some of the accessories making cloth diapers easy to handle? At Kelly's Closet, there are an assortment of cloth diapering accessories you can purchase. From cloth wipes to diaper sprayers to pail liners to wet bags, these accessories were designed to make cloth diapering easy for parents.

Diaper sprayers

Are you worried about washing soiled diapers in your washing machine. With a bumGenius, FuzziBunz or Knickernappies diaper sprayer, you can prep soiled diapers before they go into the washing machine. A diaper sprayer hooks up to the toilet in your bathroom. After you have changed your baby, you can spray the solid waste from the cloth diaper into the toilet and flush. No need wash cloth diapers containing solids in your washing machine.

Diaper Pails and Wet Bags

Do you know where to store soiled diapers after you've changed your baby and removed the solids? Line a 20 gallon trash bin with a Wahmies, Planet Wise or bumGenius pail liners. These diaper pail liners keep odors in so you don't have to smell them throughout the house. If you are a mom and dad who is always on the go and has there baby in tow, a wet/dry bag maybe the answer for you. Many wet/dry bags have an easy to use hands-free, backpack design. These bags are great for storing and transporting used and unused cloth diapers.

Cloth diapers are the environmentally friendly choice.

Disposable diapers can potentially expose your baby to harsh chemicals that can result in diaper rash. As a parent, you not only want a diaper that treats your baby's bottom with care, you want a diaper that is good for the environment. It can take hundreds of years for the typical disposable diaper to biodegrade in your communities landfill. Soiled disposable diapers also release harmful chemicals into the water supply. When a cloth diaper made out of wool, hemp or cotton has reached its expiration date (often after it's used on multiple babies), the cloth diaper quickly biodegrades, making cloth diapers an excellent green choice.

If you are not sure if cloth diapering is the right choice, contact Kelly's Closet and ask them how they are making cloth diapers easy to use for parents.

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