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Newborn Diapers

Newborn Diapers

Once you start to see the many advantages of modern cloth diapering, it really isn't hard to make the decision to switch. But what about newborn diapers? If you learn about the options when your baby is older, you might jump right in, purchasing a complete system that meets your needs. However, starting from scratch with a brand new baby can be an entirely different story. You definitely want to save money, so a one-size system looks appealing. However, any experienced cloth diapering parent will freely admit that one-size diapers don't really fit newborns that well. That is where newborn diapers come in. Regardless of what system you ultimately decide on, it's worth the money to invest in an initial batch of diapers that really fit your little one during those first precious weeks.

Why Bother?

When you use a one-size system, they are certainly designed to be used on small babies. However, when you look at how they accomplish the smaller size range, you begin to see the advantages of using newborn diapers for those first months. A one-size diaper always has the same amount of fabric to distribute around your baby's body. For smaller sizes, adjustments are made to the rise and waist measurements, but that fabric has to be stuffed somewhere. As your baby grows, it won't be as much of an issue. But for newborns that is an awful lot of bulk! In addition, if you have very tiny newborns, a one-size diaper may not accommodate them at all- most designs will work with a baby that is around ten pounds, leaving a gap in your diapering plan. Newborn diapers provide a more customized fit when your baby is tiny.

What Are the Options?

Most newborn diapers will be a fitted diaper that will require a separate cover. The most popular newborn diapers are offered by the Kissaluvs diapering brand. Their newborn diapers are designated as a size 0 and will fit from about 5 lbs all the way to 15. This means that even if your baby is premature, or you just tend to have little newborns, this diaper will accommodate your needs. The waist and leg elastic keep messes well contained, and the design allows for the diaper front to be secured out of the way while the umbilical cord heals. Plastic snaps keep these newborn diapers tightly closed and only the softest fabric ever touches your newborn's sensitive skin. If you prefer an AIO type, brands such as Rumparooz offer newborn diapers with many of the features mentioned above, including umbilical cord accommodation. However, the size range isn't quite as broad as the Kissaluvs and they are a bit more bulky.

Every parent wants what is best for their baby, which is one of the reasons why cloth diapers are growing in popularity. If you are beginning your adventure with the birth of your child, or haven't yet cloth diapered a newborn, it's a great time to look at newborn diapers. They allow the ultimate in fit and flexibility in Cloth Diapers while your baby is still tiny. All the newborn diapers mentioned above are available at Kelly's Closet, where service is always a priority.
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