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Nighttime solutions to keep your baby dry all night long

While some babies may have no problems waking up with dry sheets, others are heavy wetters and may need some extra protection to help keep them (and their sheets) dry for long periods of time.  

Nighttime diapering tips:
  • Hemp Inserts:  Add a hemp insert inside your pocket diaper for a second (or third) layer of protection.  Hemp is incredibly absorbent and can be used alone or paired with an existing insert.  When paired with microfiber, place the hemp behind the microfiber since the hemp will absorb more slowly.
  • Fitteds:  With a fitted diaper the entire diaper becomes absorbent - front, back, tabs, and of course the center - giving your diaper more places to contain the urine.  Fitteds  require the use of a cover.
  • Wool:  Wool is known by some to be "bulletproof," making it a good choice over any diaper at night.  You can pair wool with fitteds or use it over a pocket diaper or all-in-one to help prevent leaks.
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