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One Size Cloth Diapers


One Size Cloth Diapers

When new parents begin to research diapering options, they can become quickly overwhelmed. Should you use
one size cloth diapers, all-in-ones or fitted diapers with covers? Of course, there is always the basic setup of prefolds as well. It’s no wonder that many new cloth diapering parents are quickly overwhelmed. While there are distinct pros and cons to each type of cloth diapering style, it’s not hard to make the case for one size cloth diapers. Most parents have at least one type in their diapering stash, making them an extremely popular and affordable option for cloth diapering.

Benefits of
One Size Cloth Diapers

There are numerous reasons why parents tend to favor the
one size cloth diapers. Buying an initial stash of cloth diapers can be a significant investment. While it’s clear that cloth diapering saves money over disposable products, it can be a lot to spend at one time. Couple that with the fact that a sized diapering system requires at least two sets of diapers and many parents are unable to make the switch. One size cloth diapers, however, require only one set of diapers from birth to potty training. This can cut your diapering costs in half. This cost savings is the main reason why parents select one size cloth diapers.

How They Work

Of course, in order to accommodate a newborn baby with the same diaper that can be used on a toddler, certain design elements are needed.
One size cloth diapersvary a great deal in how they are adjusted. The rise, for example, must be reduced for smaller babies, as well as the circumference of the diaper’s waist. The original one size cloth diaperswere designed to allow the front of the diaper to fold down to effectively reduce the diaper’s size. This, however, creates a lot of bulk making it difficult to comfortably fit very small babies. Newer designs favor a snap system at the crotch of the diaper. The rise can be snapped out of the way to reduce bulk around the waist. These are most widely seen on pocket style diapers, as only a very thin layer of cover material needs to be dealt with; the absorbent padding is added after the adjustment is made. Of course, as the one size cloth diapersevolve, more innovation can be seen. For example, the Fuzzi Bunz one size diaper makes use of a buttonhole elastic at the waist and legs. For smaller sizes, the elastic is cinched tighter in both areas; once your baby grows, you can loosen the elastic to enlarge the diaper.

Why Not?

While it is clear that using
one size cloth diapershas many benefits, they aren’t ideal for every situation. If you have particularly small babies, they may not fit properly for several months, which makes a sized alternative necessary. Many one size diapers don’t fit right until the baby is around 10 pounds. In addition, if your baby stays in diapers for longer than average, they may actually outgrow a one size diaper. Sized diapers will almost always have a trimmer fit, so if bulk bothers you, have other options available. Whether selecting one size cloth diapersor more fitted styles, Kelly’s Closet offers a full selection of diapering supplies.

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