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Overnight Diapers

Overnight Diapers

Even the most committed cloth diapering parents can find themselves frustrated with their overnight diapers. While it's true that cloth is better for your baby, you still don't want to wake up to wet sheets and an uncomfortable and crying little one. For this reason, it is fairly common for cloth diapering parents to "cheat" and use disposables at night. However, with quality products and careful planning, this is really unnecessary. You can find overnight diapers that work for your needs.

Making an AIO, or all-in-one, Work

AIO diapers are extremely popular and for good reason. They are extremely easy to use and wash. In fact, they are so similar to a disposable diaper that many skeptical parents have been converted by these cloth diapers. When you need overnight diapers, it makes sense to turn to the tried-and-true design of this type of diaper. However, AIOs may not be ideal for overnight diapers. Because the cover is built in to the diaper design, there is no separation between the wet zone and the cover. When an AIO becomes saturated there is really no place for the wetness to go but to the outside of the diaper- usually through the leg area.

Some AIO diapers perform better than others as overnight diapers. For example, many parents get great results by using Happy Heieny's pocket diapers overnight. To make any AIO diaper work as overnight diapers, you need to increase the absorbent zone, effectively reducing the chances of the soaker layers getting so saturated that leaking happens. Doublers can do this job well. You may also want to use a newborn prefold to add extra absorbency. For pocket styles, laying the extra padding inside the diaper may work better than stuffing it inside the pocket, at least for nighttime use. This ensures that there are more layers of protection before the cover area is reached. Luckily, bulk is less of a concern for overnight diapers than those that your baby will wear out in public.

Fitted Diapers and Covers

It isn't hard to optimize your favorite fitted diapers as overnight diapers. Like mentioned above, you may find that adding extra absorbency works wonders. Because the cover is its own layer, there is more air space that can help to reduce the chance of leaking. To increase absorbency with the least possible bulk, you may want to try hemp or micro fiber for overnight diapers. Double-coated PUL gives you more protection for overnight; many parents also find that wool is an effective choice, as it can absorb any potential leaks without getting clothes or bedding damp.

Using disposable diapers at night can cost a lot of money, not to mention expose your baby to chemicals. In addition, even disposables can leak if your baby is a heavy wetter. The good news is that cloth diapers are effective as overnight diapers when used correctly. For all your nighttime needs, Kelly's Closet is here to help.
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