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Overnight Diapers

Even parents who are committed to cloth diapering often find it difficult to deal with overnight diapers. A cloth diaper is definitely one of the healthiest diapering solutions for your baby. No one wants to wake up to an uncomfortable, irritable, and crying baby sleeping in wet sheets. To solve their overnight diaper issues, some parents diaper their baby with cloth during the day and disposables at night while they sleep. But with some clever planning and resourcefulness using quality cloth diapering products from Kelly's Closet, you will no longer have to use disposables as your night time diaper solution.

How to make an all-in-one diaper work for you overnight.

An all-in-one diaper is an extremely popular cloth diaper. They are easy to use and wash. In fact, they are very similar to disposable diapers. They are so much alike, many parents have switched from using disposable diapers to cloth diapers overnight. Diapers made of cloth are a wonderful solution for your baby, especially at night when they are sleeping. Not all all-in-one cloth diapers are suitable for nighttime diapering. Because the cover is built into the design of the all-in-one, there is often no separation between the wet zone and the cover. There is no place for the pee and poop to go except through the opening made for the legs.

Some all-in-one diapers work better than other overnight diapers. The Happy Heiny's pocket diapers are a great overnight solution. However, this all-in-one may need a little assistance to succeed at keeping your baby comfortable overnight. A doubler can help. Diapers made of cloth can be improved in the area of absorbency using a doubler. The doubler reduces the chance that the soaker layers get saturated so much that leaking occurs. Luckily, bulk is less of a concern for overnight diapers than those that your baby will wear out in public.

Fitted Diapers and Covers

Fitted diapers can be optimized to work as overnight diapers, too. It may help to find accessories to add absorbency to your fitted diapers. A cover is a wonderful solution because it adds another layer of protection and reduces leaking. Hemp or miro-fiber diapers and covers are the best overnight diapers because of their super absorbent properties. A double-coated PUL can give your baby the kind of protection needed at night. For many parents, wool is a wonderful choice because it is great at absorbing and preventing potential leaks saturate clothing and bedding.

It can cost parents a lot of money using disposable diapers. A disposable diaper can also expose your baby to potentially dangerous chemicals. Even disposable diapers can't prevent leaking. That's why cloth diapers, hands down, are the best solution for nighttime diapering. Contact Kelly's closet today if you have more questions about overnight diapers.

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