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Overwhelmed by Cloth Diaper Choices?

Are you OVERWHELMED by all the cloth diapering options? Not sure where to start or what to buy?

You're not alone and we're here to help simplify cloth diapering! Chances are you've already visited our Cloth 101 page and become familiar with the most commonly used terms and abbreviations. You've already decided that you want to use cloth diapers, but you just don't know what to buy.

There are a few factors that may be different for each family; hence why we have so many different options. Just remember, all cloth diapers will catch pee and poop regardless of the style that you decide on.

Decision #1: Newborn VS One-Size Diapers

NEWBORN Fits 5-14+ lbs.* ONE SIZE Fits 8-40+ lbs.*

The very first thing you'll need to decide is if you're going to be using cloth diapers for a newborn or if you'll wait until your little one fits into a one-size diaper. Remember that most one-size diapers won't begin fitting your newborn until they've reached around 10lbs. They may fit before then, just a little big and bulky looking on smaller newborns. Most babies can use newborn diapers for 2-3 months (sometimes longer).

Shop Newborn Diapers Shop One-Size Diapers

Decision #2: Select Your Style Preferences

Cover/Prefold Pocket Diaper All-In-One Diapers Hybrid Diapers

The next thing to decide is the style that you prefer or that best suites your lifestyle. The primary styles are pocket diapers, all-in-one (AIO) diapers, covers with prefolds (or flats/inserts), and hybrid diapers. You can review these basic styles on our Basic Types of Cloth Diapers page. To summarize the basic styles and their advantages:

  • Cover/Prefold: Our most budget-friendly diapering option. This is what most people think of when they think of "old fashioned" diapers; but easier to use and more fashionable than years passed.
  • Pocket Diaper: Low-Mid range price, easy to use, can adjust or change out absorbency levels and types of inserts.
  • All-In-One Diapers: Mid-higher priced, easiest style to use, no extra pieces to stuff or unstuff, goes on just like a disposable.
  • Hybrid Diapers: Reusable cover with snap in inserts. Can reuse the cover several times before having to wash. Inserts snap into place keeping them from bunching or moving around. Mid-range price.

Decision #3: Fabric Preferences

Do you prefer a stay dry material with synthetic (microfiber/microfleece/etc) fabric inserts or do you prefer all natural and/or organic fabrics? Natural and organic fabrics tend to be more expensive since they cost more to manufacturer.

Shop Stay Dry Diapers Shop Natural & Organic Diapers

Decision #4: Closure Preferences - Aplix or Snaps?

Aplix (Hook & Loop) (Velcro) SNAPS

Aplix (also referred to as Velcro or hook & loop) is super easy to use and less intimidating compared to snaps. Aplix gives you a nice snug fit and works great for newborns, smaller babies, and easier for some users who may be hesitant to use cloth diapers. The only downside is that aplix can wear out over time; just like a pair of Velcro tennis shoes.

Snap closures is the most popular closure for experienced cloth diaper users because of their durability. Snaps take an extra few seconds to open and close; but with a little practice is just as easy to use as aplix. Families also prefer snaps because some aplix can be scratchy or irritate a baby's tummy.

Most diapers come in both aplix and snaps; while others have switched to only snaps due to their durability.

Shop brands with both snaps and aplix Shop brands with only snap options Shop brands with only aplix options

Decision #5: Which brand of cloth diaper is best?

This is such a hard question because we honestly adore all of the brands that we carry at Kelly's Closet. We only stock brands that we trust and have used on our own children. Some families have very diverse cloth diaper stashes; while other are very brand loyal. Many of the brands we carry are made in the US or American owned small businesses (who manufacture their diapers responsibly overseas).

Some of our most popular and top selling brands of diapers include

bumGenius GroVia Thirsties Rumparooz Smart Bottoms

We also love the fun prints in the Bambino Mio brand, the adorable style of the AppleCheeks diapers, the toggle system of the SoftBums brand, and fashionable Lalabye Baby diapers. You really can't go wrong with any of the brands of diapers that we carry at Kelly's Closet.

Bambino Mio AppleCheeks SoftBums Lalabye Baby

What about (insert random name here) brand? Why don't you carry that? There are several brands that are available on Amazon and other larger marketplaces that do not have the same quality as the brands that we carry. Many of these companies are knock-off brands from overseas locations and do not have US based customer service and support for their brands. Many of those brands do not meet US safety guidelines for children's products.

We recommend trying a few different diapers before building your cloth diaper stash of all one style and brand. This will help you determine exactly what works best for your family.

On an Extreme Budget?

If your budget is extremely limited and you are looking for the best value, the Imagine Baby Products line of diapers and accessories is one of our most budget-friendly brands. We've recently added the new Elemental Joy line of budget friendly diapers as well. 

Another budget friendly option would be a diaper cover with flat diapers. Flats are large single layers of birdseye cotton that can be folded inside a waterproof diaper cover. Many families who don't have access to in-home laundry facilities choose flats and covers because they can easily be handwashed and line dried.

Still Confused? Give us a call at 877-8-DIAPER or email us at the store for additional advice and suggestions. We're happy to help simplify your cloth diapering journey!