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Peapod Mats

PeapodMats is a quality waterproof absorbent mat designed to protect the bed from all sorts of fluids. The big difference? PeapodMats lie flat ON TOP of bed sheets with a grippy material underneath. This means the mat stays flat without bunching with no need to tuck or wrap the mat around the mattress or mattress corners!

The PeapodMat is a unique combination of 3 layers that creates a super-absorbent waterproof mat

Breathable terry cotton; grid stitched to prevent bunching

Polyester liner to absorb and disperse moisture

Brushed polyester to grip surfaces; coated with breathable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) waterproofing

Sizing Guidelines: Please keep in mind, these are only suggestions. Factors to consider are size as well as age of child, movement in bed and size of bed. Please refer to the videos below for additional information:

3x3 feet (.91m x .91m) - recommended for children ages 1yr-3yrs

3x5 feet (.91m x 1.5m) - 3 yrs and older

PeapodMats Demo Video:https://youtu.be/Az1t9Pfwl6M PeapodMats Tips Video:https://youtu.be/Glq4djFAfeQ

PeapodMats are comfortable and soft to sleep on with no "plastic crinkle" sound or "cold vinyl" feel. Though mattress/sheet protectors made from plastic can also prevent liquids from going through to the mattress, the liquid saturates the sheets being slept on. More than likely you may have to clean up the mess using a few towels, and then have to strip and change your bed sheets. However, with any accident on the waterproof PeapodMat, the only thing you would need to toss in the wash is the PeapodMat itself. Kind of like washing your super amazing towel!

NOT recommended is the use of fabric softener, dryer sheets, dryer balls or regular use of vinegar or oxyclean. These products are known to reduce the quality of waterproofing.

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