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Pocket Diapers

Pocket Diapers

Pockets diapers are a relatively new product on the cloth diapering market. Until about ten years ago, fitted, prefold and all-in-one styles were the main options that parents could choose from. However, as parents have begun to dabble in the design process, innovation has exploded. Pocket diapers are a result of this real-life testing and experimentation. These diaper types are easy to use, clean well and accommodate almost all baby body types.

How Does a Pocket Diaper Work?

The concept behind pocket diapers is very simple. In fact, it’s likely that dozens of moms wondered why they hadn’t thought of the concept themselves. Diapers with this designation are a form of an all-in-one diaper. The waterproof layer is built into the diaper design and no supplementary diaper cover is needed. The parts of the diaper can be separated into the shell and the absorbent padding. The shell is usually made of one layer of waterproof material, such as PUL, and a second internal layer. The inside of the shell usually features a moisture-wicking fabric, such as fleece or suede cloth. Both the waist and leg areas are elasticized. The shell has an opening to allow the pocket diapers to be stuffed with absorbent material. Common cloth diapering fabrics, such as hemp, cotton and microfiber are used in this part of the diaper. The absorbent material can be customized in a pocket diaper.

Using the Diaper

When pocket diapers come out the washing machine, each part of the diaper should be separate. Parents should gather up the shells and the absorbent material and ensure that each has a match. To prepare pocket diapers for use, fold the absorbent padding. Some inserts are already shaped and ready for stuffing. Using the pocket opening in the diaper, stuff the pocket diapers to adjust the absorbent inserts until they are evenly distributed throughout the shell. The stuffed diaper can then be folded or closed, as desired, and placed in the diaper-changing area. Pocket diapers, once stuffed, are used exactly like a regular AIO.

Washing Routine

There are only a few things that change when washing pocket diapers. For the most part, parents can expect the washing routine to be much like any other type of cloth diaper. The main difference is dealing with the insert portion of the diaper. Depending on the design of the diaper, parents may notice that the agitation of the washing machine is sufficient to extract the insert for proper cleaning. If this isn’t the case, however, it will be necessary to remove the insert before washing. Most pocket diapers are designed so that minimal contact with waste is required. Parents should be able to hold the diaper over the pail or washing machine, grasp the very edge of the absorbent material and pull the insert out easily.  

If parents prefer a washing routine that includes rinsing, this is more easily accomplished if the insert is removed first. An empty shell is lighter and holds less water than a fully-stuffed pocket diaper. In addition, some parents find that the inner portion of pocket diapers easily release solid waste, especially for older babies. 

Along with other modern cloth diapering options, pocket diapers are seeing increasing sales. Kelly’s Closet has a full range of pocket diapers to choose from.
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