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Prefold Cloth Diapers

Prefold Cloth Diapers

With all the fancy options that modern cloth diapering offers, why would anyone still use prefold cloth diapers? You may be surprised to know that they are still a cornerstone item in most cloth diapering stashes. With options like fitted diapers and all-in-ones being widely sold, what is the draw for these simple types of cloth diapers? Why do so many parents still find them beneficial to have on hand for their babies? If you haven't given much thought to prefold cloth diapers, you may want to take another look.

Cheapest Option

The biggest reason that parents turn to prefold cloth diapers is that they are, hands down, the cheapest options in modern cloth diapering choices. A parent that chooses fitted diapers and covers may spend around $300 by selecting the most affordable options. Prices go up from there depending on whether you will need to purchase more than one size or if your needs change over time. Using a state-of-the-art AIO, or all-in-one, style diaper may mean spending between $500 and $1,000 before all is said and done. However, for well under $200, prefold cloth diapers, as well as covers, can be purchased to carry your baby all the way through the potty training period.

Greatest Flexibility

Getting the perfect fit can be a huge hassle for a cloth diapering parent. They may purchase a one-size option only to find that it isn't really comfortable when folded all the way down on a newborn. As their baby grows, toddler sizes may be necessary to keep up, making the one-size diaper less useful than originally thought. With prefold cloth diapers, you can always adjust the diaper precisely for the absolute best fit. There is no end to the options that a parent has, using different folds and different covers as their baby grows and changes. Prefold cloth diapers are the most flexible choice in cloth diapering today.


Over the course of a baby's growing up years, cloth diapers take a lot of use and abuse. The same diaper may be used on the average of once or twice per week, depending on the size of your diaper stash. While some diapers quickly break down through extensive use and abuse, prefold cloth diapers really shine when it comes to durability. By purchasing a quality product, many parents find that the same diapers can be used for several years before potty training and still be going strong when needed by a subsequent child.

It can be confusing to understand why so many parents rely on the old-fashioned prefold cloth diaper. However, once you start to look at the many benefits, it becomes more clear why so many parents still purchase prefold cloth diapers when shopping at Kelly's Closet for their diapering supplies.
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