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Prefold Diapers

Prefold Diapers

One of the biggest reasons parents shy away from prefold diapers is that they think they are hard to use. It is definitely a bit more challenging to fold and place a prefold diaper than the more intuitive fitted or all-in-one types of cloth diapers. However, because there are so many advantages to using prefold diapers, it can really pay to learn the ropes. Prefolds are much cheaper than other options, and provide a truly customized experience in cloth diapering. Luckily, with a bit of practice, you can become familiar with how these basic cloth diapers are used.


Some parents actually use prefold diapers without folding them much. If you have a snug fitting wrap cover, you may be able to just place the diaper inside the cover, allowing the shaping of the diaper cover to hold the prefold in place. This is more ideal for babies that aren't as mobile, however, as excess movement can cause an unfastened prefold to shift. Most parents prefer to fold their prefold diapers to increase absorbency and allow them to be fastened securely. There are several common folds that seem to accommodate a baby's body shape. A standard cloth diaper fold allows the back of the prefold diaper to fan out, while the front is folded toward the center. This creates a triangular shape that brings extra absorbency into the middle and front of the diaper, where it is needed most. It also leaves the back of the prefold diapers free so that there is room to overlap the diaper front and fasten the diaper securely.

Another common diaper fold that many parents find effective is known as the bikini twist. With this fold, prefold diapers are laid out flat. By grasping the front of the diaper, you can twist the center area, leaving both the front and the back flat, while adding the extra absorbency to the middle portion, right where it is most useful.


There are two common types of fasteners for prefold diapers. Each is equally useful, so you may want to try both options to determine which best fits your needs. You can choose from either a standard diaper pin, or use something like a Snappi fastener.

Diaper pins are easier to use than most parents imagine. If you are concerned about sticking your baby, put that fear to rest. Fastening prefold diapers with a pin is easy and, with proper technique, it is unlikely that you will poke your baby. There are also safety features built into diaper pins that ensure they won't come unfastened inadvertently or during use. Snappis are great tools for fastening cloth diapers as well. They are a T-shaped device that have tiny little hooks on each end, allowing the diaper to be grasped on the crotch and wing areas and held securely in place. Most parents only need a few Snappis, as they can be reused with each diaper change. Both of these fasteners are available at Kelly's Closet, as well as a full assortment of prefold diapers.
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