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Press Release - Go Go Mama Go

5 Questions with Kelly Wels

by Christine on August 17, 2009

Kelly Wels runs Kelly’s Closet, one of the largest cloth diapering boutiques online.

1. What or who inspired you to start your business?

I originally started my business because I needed to bring in income to support my family. We were struggling to pay for groceries each week. I initially started selling baby products, but sales weren’t so good, so then I decided to solely focus on selling cloth diapers and things really took off. That was over eight years ago and now my company provides our family with a full income and I’m proud to bring cloth diapers to the thousands of moms each year who want to give their baby the gift of comfort! I grew up in a family with a very strong work ethic and realized very soon in business that if something didn’t work to keep trying with a different approach.

2. What motivates you?

I am motivated by the constantly changing world of online shopping and the new wave of social networking. There is so much to learn in the cyber world - and I’m all for learning it!  I am also motivated because I truly love what I do. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. My company enables me to be very flexible with my family’s schedule, which is extremely important to me.

3. How do you balance being a mom and an entrepreneur?

I work in the evenings as much as possible so I can spend a lot of time with the kids during the day (especially in the summer-time). I’ve hired good people to help me and I make time for both my kids and my company because they’re both important in different ways. I have to set time limits for myself and completely shut off the computer at a certain time. It is too easy to work round the clock and I find when I stick to some work boundaries I am more productive at work and a better mom.

4. What do you love most about what you do?

I love the flexibility of creating my own schedule and setting my own hours. I also love the fact that I can be very involved with my children’s extra curricular activities and have the opportunity to plan work around my family first instead of planning family around my work.

5. What single piece of advice would you give someone who is starting out?

It’s simple: Stay out of debt! I have seen many, many businesses over the past few years in my field close within two years because they over-extend themselves financially. You are better off growing at a slower pace and being debt free than by growing very fast and soon find yourself swimming in a mound of debt.

You can contact Kelly at You can also follow Kelly on Twitter: @diapershops or visit her site at Kelly’s Closet.

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