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Reusable Swim Diaper


Reusable Swim Diaper

New parents are inundated with gear and gadgets. Besides the standard layette, diapers and wipes, they may see a
reusable swim diaper, special bottles and toys of all shapes and sizes. Of course, no baby needs everything on this list; the basics are often more than sufficient. For summer fun, however, one things is certain, you will have to have a swim diaper whenever you bring your baby to the pool. What do these baby items accomplish and what do you need to look at? In addition, do reusable swim diapers really save you money? What about dealing with pool management? Fortunately, we have the answers to all your questions about the reusable swim diaper

Features of a
Reusable Swim Diaper

Unlike some other products that are geared toward environmentally-conscious parents, the
reusable swim diaperis refreshingly simple. In fact, if you have used a disposable swim diaper in the past, you should have no trouble at all figuring out exactly how these products work. They look much like a disposable swim diaper but with the added advantage of being more affordable; instead of throwing away the diaper after each pool session, you can wash and reuse it numerous times. 

A swim diaper is not designed to accommodate any sort of absorbency. Instead, wetness is allowed to pass through the diaper, while solid waste is held safely inside. A
reusable swim diapermay look very similar to a cloth diaper cover, making it common for parents to use them as covers in a pinch. However, certain features make them a bit more than a standard cover. Most of the reusable swim diaperstyles have an outer waterproof layer, comprised of nylon, polyester or PUL. Leg gussets are a common feature, allowing solid waste to stay safely contained within the swim diaper. A mesh lining is also a popular addition to the quality reusable swim diaper,for the same reason. Some styles, especially those in toddler sizes, have reinforcing closures to make it harder for your baby to get out of the diaper in the middle of the pool. 

Economic Assessment

It seems that there is always a good deal of back-and-forth debate as to whether reusable products are actually more affordable than disposables. The evidence confirms that reusable products are better for the environment and for your pocketbook. A
reusable swim diapercan be purchased for between $10 and $15, or roughly the price of one package of disposable products. Even the most active families should only need 3-6 reusable swim diapers available at any given time; most families can get by quite comfortably with 2. These can last for several seasons of regular use or as long as your child fits into the reusable swim diaper. Active families can go through several packages of reusable swim products in a month, making the reusable swim diaperthe winner in economics.

Dealing With Public Pools

Many parents find resistance to the
reusable swim diaperwhen they bring it to a public pool. This is not because the products are less sanitary than disposable options. The issue usually stems from the fact that many pool managers have never been approached about having reusable swim diapers added to their approved list of swim diapers. Make time to meet with the manager and show him the reusable swim diaper. Once the pool is convinced that this is a comparable product, you should have no problem having it approved for standard use at the public pool.

Summer fun is something that the whole family can enjoy. When you have a baby in tow, a
reusable swim diaperis an essential part of your baby’s repertoire. For any questions you might have about the reusable swim diaper, don’t hesitate to ask Kelly’s Closet.

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