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Reusable Swim Diaper

Public pools and water parks require children who are not yet potty trained to wear a reusable swim diaper while they are in the water. Disposable swim diapers are expensive. If you frequent the pool or beach, you could spend hundreds of dollars in disposable swim diapers in just one year. Why spend money on disposable swim diapers, only to throw them away and buy more? A reusable swim diaper lets you wash and use it again and again. Reusable swim diapers are great during the summer months or long vacations. You'll save money and enjoy long hours at the pool without worry.

Why Can't I Use Regular Diapers?

A reusable swim diaper should be worn by babies and children who are not yet potty trained when they are in swimming pools. Public pools and water parks require babies to wear a swim diaper. If your baby pees or poops while in the water, the swim diaper catches the waste and prevents it from washing into the water. Regular diapers are not a substitute for swim diapers. While some parents think it is okay to let their children swim wearing only a regular disposable diaper, be advised regular disposable diapers are not hygienic once they become soaked. Regular diapers are designed to soak up and trap in water. Wet diapers can cause your baby's tender skin to become irritated. Water is trapped in the diaper and your baby's skin can not breathe. Rashes and chaffing occur and make your baby an unhappy vacationer. Swim diapers are not absorbent and do not weigh children down when they are in the water.

What Makes Reusable Swim Diapers Different?

A reusable swim diaper is like a disposable diaper except they can be washed and re-worn. Regular diapers sag and create an uncomfortable bulk for your baby. Swim diapers help trap in your baby's pee and poop so they do not leak into the swimming pool. For the health and safety of other swimmers it is important to keep your baby's waste where it belongs – the reusable swim diaper. A reusable swim diaper traps in waste without trapping in heat or moisture. Your baby's skin stays cool and dry during hot summer days on the beach. Swim diapers stay securely fitted to your baby and prevent pee and poop from washing out of the diaper into the water.

Benefits of Reusable Swim Diapers

Give your baby protection against leaks without giving them irritation. A reusable swim diaper traps in pee and poop without sagging or rubbing. The harsh plastics used to make disposable swim diapers rub and chaff your baby's skin when they become wet. Cloth swim diapers feature a waterproof outer layer combined with a soft inner layer. Many cloth swim diapers fit around your baby with hook and loop or snap closures, making them just as convenient as disposable diapers. Save money and forget about buying disposable swim diapers. Just one reusable swim diaper can be washed and worn over.

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