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Snappi Diaper Fastener
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Snappi Diaper Fastener

 NEW & Improved Snappi Diaper Fasteners for prefolds, flats, snapless fitteds, and contour diapers. Safely fasten a diaper on your baby without pins.

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Snappi Diaper Fasteners for Cloth Diapers

If you use prefolds or flats inside your diaper covers, Snappis make sure they stay in place and don't bunch up inside the covers. 

Snappis are made for regular flat or prefolded diapers that need to be held closed. Since Snappi fasteners work by gripping onto the fabric of diapers with little teeth, it will not work with fabrics that cannot be gripped like microfiber or thin gauzy weaves. Snappi fasteners work best with thick woven cotton fabrics. Washable diapers made of microfiber or hemp cloth may not work as well with Snappis since they do not have a weave for the fasteners to grip on to.

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