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Why should you use fitteds and wool products? What are the differences between all of the options? Is it hard to care for and launder? 

Fitted cloth diapers are the perfect option for families wanting to use only the most natural products next to their child's skin. Fitted diapers require a diaper cover since they do not have any waterproof layers built in. They pair perfectly with wool for overnight protection and for a leak-proof protection. The Sloomb fitted cloth diapers are all bamboo and organic cotton blends. The Snapless Multifitted is a one-size option (fitting 10-35lbs), the Happy Little Clouds are 2 sized, mini's are for newborns (5-15lbs), and the OBF (Overnight Bamboo Fleece) are multi-sized (XS-XL). 

Wool garments (Woolies) are 100% wool diaper covers and can be used under clothing or as clothing over a diaper. Woolies do need to be lanolized if you are using them as a diaper cover. This is a simple process that will make the woolies water-resistant and a great option for overnight! 

Underwoolies: A day-time favorite knit wool cover. Underwoolies are a must-have cover for natural diapering. Underwoolies are a single layer of knit wool; whereas wool covers are two layers thick. Must be hand washed. 

Double Layer Underwoolies: A machine washable, double layer knit undergarment made with 100% merino wool. These are soft and trim, the perfect under garment cover or trainer. 

Knit Wool Covers: Sloomb knit wool covers are made from √∂ko-tex certified yarns and are double-layer knit. Sloomb knit wool covers have a high rise to cover one-size diapers, prefolds, and all fitteds, flats, snapless-multi diapers, and PUL diapers. Sloomb Knit Wool covers are made with 93% wool and 7% lycra. Must be hand washed. 

Knit Wool Longies (or Shorties): Similar to the Sloomb Knit Wool Covers; only longer. Longies are made with 93% wool and 7% lycra. Must be hand washed. 

Playwoolies (or Playshorties): Machine washable wool made from 100% merino wool. Playwoolies can be worn under regular clothing or as warm leggings/pants. Perfect as a cloth diaper cover when lanolized and are fully lined in the wet zone. 

To lanolize your wool: The easiest way to begin is with the Sloomb Wool Care Kit. This kit includes everything you will need to get started (wool wash, solid lanolin, emulsifying cubes, wool shaver, and lanolizing tutorial card). Watch our Wool Care Video for a step by step process of how to lanolize wool. To view on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0-jc7hln1YU


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