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The New Clothesline Company

Innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is useful, what is lasting. — Sister Parish

Carol’s family is from Ireland. For years, she traveled from the states to visit her grandparents in Kilskeery. They had a wonderful life.

The pace of the day was dictated by the simplicity in just getting things done. The grocer delivered his goods once a week; as did the butcher and milkman. Chores were not work, they were just a way of life.

As Carol remembers, one item that best exemplified this lifestyle was her grandmother’s clothes-drying rack. Modestly constructed, the wooden drying rack hung prominently in her cozy kitchen, utilizing the warmth from the stove to dry clothes: simple and effective.

Recently, Carol and James visited Ireland together and were amazed to see the same old wooden drying racks were still in use. Upon their return home, they recreated a drying rack for their own active family in Bozeman, Montana. They knew this unassuming apparatus would save them money on their power bills, and also extend the life of their clothes.

Their friends and neighbors soon developed ‘rack-envy’.

After some market research, Carol and James realized there was truly a need for this product in today’s energy conscience world. So they ran with the idea, sat down with a designer to create a timeless and modern version of grandmother’s drying rack: thus the birth of LOFTi™ and DUO.

Launching a Philosophy and a Lifestyle.

The New Clothesline Company is launching a new philosophy: Slow Laundry. In the spirit of the ‘Slow Movement’, which advocates a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace, Slow Laundry becomes part of a lifestyle. Wash your clothes, hang them on LOFTi™/DUO, raise the rack into the warm air and savor your time. Go for a bike ride, walk your dog, bake a cake… your laundry will dry without you. It’s that simple; it’s that wonderful- just like the life Carol’s grandparents lived.

Use energy for life, not Laundry!

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