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Thirsties Diaper Cover

Thirsties Diaper Cover

Few companies take the care that is given to a Thirsties diaper cover. That is because creating a diaper is usually an afterthought- a product that is created to complement and meet the needs of an already popular fitted diaper. However, the opposite is true with this company, who actually created their cover before developing any other items in their product line. While this is unusual in the diapering world, the attention to detail is apparent, as a Thirsties diaper cover is truly a superior product. This brand has many exciting features that sets it apart from the crowd.


The first thing that most new parents notice when they look at a Thirsties diaper cover is the row of snaps on the front of each one. While many people have heard of one-size or adjustable diapers, it isn't a feature that is normally seen on a diaper cover. Instead, covers come in a full range of sizes- usually about four to span a baby's entire diapering needs. The makers of a Thirsties diaper cover, however, felt that this was too much expense. Why not take the same ideas used to cut down on diaper expenses and apply them to covers as well? The result was a fully adjustable diaper cover that only requires two sizes throughout the diapering life of a family. While the designer originally intended to create a one-size cover, she found that it was virtually impossible to allow a good fit on a newborn, while accommodating a toddler in the same cover.

How It Works

It is easy to understand how a Thirsties diaper cover works. First, to make the initial change in size, you will be using the snaps that are on the front of the diaper to adjust the rise. This will allow you to create three different sizes as your baby grows. In addition, the hook and loop tape on the front of the diaper can be adjusted in minute amounts. You can also expect a leak-free fit, thanks to the secure waist and leg elastic, as well as gussets around the legs to catch anything that escapes the diaper itself.

Washing a Thirsties diaper cover is extremely easy. The waterproof material is a urethane polyester, known as PUL and can be washed and dried along with the rest of your diapers. Because a Thirsties diaper cover is thin, it dries quickly. In fact, many parents reuse covers that have only come into contact with wet diapers, airing them out between changes. There are many reasons to choose this popular Cloth Diaper cover over others. The attention to detail and features make this a truly special product. In fact, the Thirsties diaper cover is one of the best selling covers that Kelly's Closet offers.
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