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It isn't at all uncommon for a popular diaper brand to begin with a mother having a problem- and this is the case with the Thirsties brand. While cloth diapering is filled with advantages, not every system is right for every family. Thirsties designer Erin Kimmet always loved to sew and, while she was happy with the cloth diapers she was using, the covers seemed to always be an issue. She set out to cut costs by designing a one-sized diaper cover. Along the way, she ran into a few surprises. After six months of intense testing she emerged with a product that she was happy with. Why Two Sizes?

Considering that Kimmet initially intended to create a one-size diaper cover, you may be surprised to discover that the Thirsties covers are actually sold in two adjustable sizes. As Kimmet began the development process, she discovered a common frustration with one-size diapering systems. While parents are initially drawn to one-size products as a money saving measure, they often end up purchasing more than the initial investment anyways. In actuality, it really isn't possible to create a diaper system that will fit on a tiny newborn without being bulky and overwhelming and still allow a comfortable fit on a toddler. This is the reason that Thirsties is sold in two size ranges- each fully adjustable. The smaller size can be folded down to comfortably fit a newborn, while the large size will give great coverage for a large toddler.

Supporting Local Production

While many diaper brands began as a cottage industry, economic concerns quickly prompt many designers to outsource their production. Thirsties, however, are still manufactured in a small local factory in Colorado. Production is carefully overseen by a real mom with real cloth diapering experience. The company likes to support strong families. Some Thirsties products are sewn by stay-at-home moms. When times are tough, it's nice to know that there is a company that truly cares about workers, families and quality.

Full Product Line

The cornerstone of the Thirsties brand is the diaper cover. However, it just makes sense that all the attention to detail would result in a more full-featured product line, and that is exactly what has happened as the years have progressed. In addition to the Thirsties adjustable diaper cover, the company also sells a cutting-edge fitted cloth diaper, as well as accessories such as wipes, doublers and cloth diaper detergent. With their customer-friendly approach, all the products are extremely affordable, offering some of the best performance for your money.

Cloth diapering is an excellent decision for the modern family. New designs mean that it is easy, as well as affordable, to keep your baby cuddled in cloth. Kelly's Closet is the perfect source for Thirsties products, as well as many other popular brands.
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