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Tidy Tots

A business woman. A friend, wife and daughter. An environmentalist. But like most women out there, I am, first and foremost, a mom. My name is Sandra Beck and I'm the proud founder of Tidy Tots Diapers. I find inspiration and motivation from our smallest, sweetest, messiest, most adorable creations. Our children. And I strive to make their world a better place. After decades of owning and operating a software company, I decided to turn the page and take on a new challenge. Since then I have dedicated my endeavors to changing the environment our children live in and making it safer, cleaner and healthier. During my research I learned that it takes 500 years to biodegrade disposable diapers. That's a pretty long time, don't you think? I sure did. So I've created a cloth diaper that is sure to revolutionize the market. I bring you Tidy Tots Diapers. They say, "It takes a village to raise a child." And it took a village to create this diaper, too! With the help of over 100 families, during the course of 6 years, I have tested, re-tested, refined and perfected Tidy Tots Diapers. Most importantly, these diapers have a disposable insert called Flushies that snaps and locks into place. That means no leaks. No diaper rash. No "ick-factor!" I believe it's the most natural and most effective way to diaper our little ones and create a healthier environment for their future. It's been my pleasure to work with so many wonderful parents and their incredible little babies as I developed Tidy Tots. I'd like to thank them for joining me on my mission to make a difference. Our children thank you, as well.
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Tidy Tots Flushies
$14.99  $11.24
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Tidy Tots OS Covers
$19.99  $14.99
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Tidy Tots Booster 2 packs
$12.99  $9.74
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Tidy Tots No Fold Inserts - 2 Pack - Newborn
$12.74  $9.56
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Tidy Tots No Fold Inserts - 2 Pack - One Size
$13.58  $10.19
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