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Potty Training

Potty training is an important milestone in your child's life. Essentially this is their rite of passage from toddler-hood onto being a preschooler. While you are most likely happy to say goodbye to dirty diapers, it's also a bittersweet moment as this means your precious little one is officially "growing up."

Potty training is a partnership between you and your child. Therefore, it's important both you and your child are ready for this next big step in their lives! Your goal, as a parent, is to help your child become aware of their body's elimination signals and teach them how to appropriately respond to those signals by using the toilet. Provide plenty of encouragement and lots of rewards and with a bit of effort from both of you, potty training can be a success!

Which cloth training pant is right for my child? Check out the Kelly's Closet Cloth Training Pant Buying Guide.

Looking for more potty training resources? We have some fun coloring pages and activities for your kids; as well as a printable potty tracker and punch cards for parents. These resources are provided to you for free from our friends at Super Undies. Click here to earn your masters in potty training!  

Kelly's Closet is here to help by providing quality cloth potty training products for your little one.

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