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Will you be traveling soon and wondering how to make that work with cloth diapers? You've come to the right place for help. 

Here are some things to consider before deciding which diapering option will work best while traveling:
  • Will you have access to laundry facilities?
  • Will you be traveling by airplane or car; and is space an issue?
  • Will you have time to do laundry?
  • How long will you be gone for?
If you have space to pack your cloth diapers and a location to wash them; traveling with cloth diapers should be no different than when you are at home.  Just don't forget to pack your favorite cloth diaper detergent.

If space is an issue or if you will have no (or limited) access to laundry facilities you might want to consider using disposable inserts or try using a system like flats; which can be handwashed.  

Disposable diaper inserts (like GroVia BioSoakers and Flip disposable inserts) lay inside a reusable diaper cover.  They are chlorine free, plastic free, fragrance & dry free, hypo-allergenic, and may even be biodegradable or compostable.  They contain less SAP gel (those gel crystals in disposable diapers) then a regular disposable diaper.

Flat diapers are a single layer of cotton fabric that can be folded to fit inside a diaper cover.  Since they only one layer thick they can be easily handwashed (in a sink, tub, or basin) and air dried.  They also take up less space when packing.  For more information on using flats and handwashing please read our blog post; Flat Cloth Diapers - Everything You Wanted to Know! 

Finally, for short trips you could always bring your diapers home with you and launder them there.  You may also want to contact a diaper service in the town you are visiting; they often have special rates available for travelers.  

Some of the essential items you may need while traveling: 
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