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Washable Diapers

If there is one thing that gets a lot of negative feedback about the cloth diapering experience, it is washing cloth diapers. Washable diapers may seem like a lot of work, but modern designs make washing cloth diapers convenient and easy.

The Old Days

The idea of washable diapers gives most parents a squeamish feeling. Many have vivid memories of their parents dealing with dirty, stinky prefolds and flat diapers from the old days. There were no conveniences to clean washable diapers. Instead, soiled cloth diapers were dunked in the toilet and soaked to get rid of waste. Modern washable diapers have come a long way. These aren’t your mother’s cloth diapers. Kelly's Closet offer modern cloth diapering products. In fact, these modern washable diapers are different, even the most squeamish mom or dad can easily handle washing them. Modern conveniences make washing simple and hassle free. You don't have to deal with mess anymore.

Washing Modern Cloth Diapers

Kelly's Closet makes washing cloth diapers convenient. They offer many modern cloth diaper products to help reduce mess and stains. Diaper sprayers, stain lifters and deodorizers make cleaning washable diapers a breeze. You no longer need to dunk or soak your cloth diapers in the toilet. Simply use the diaper sprayer to loosen the solid waste and wash it into the toilet, then throw your soiled cloth diapers in the washing machine. Use your favorite diaper wash or laundry detergent and follow the care instructions included with your cloth diapers to make sure they are washed and dried properly.

Other Products

Aside from diaper sprayers and diaper detergents, Kelly's Closet keeps disposable diaper liners in stock. Busy parents find using flushable liners to be convenient and easy. Diaper liners are available in different sizes and shapes. Flushable liners are placed inside your washable diapers. They provide your baby a layer of protection against solid waste. Messy diapers are easily changed by removing the flushable liner and dumping it into the toilet. Your washable diapers stay cleaner and do not suffer as many stains. Flushing the solid waste is also better for the environment. Many parents don't realize even disposable diapers have instructions for shaking solid waste into the sewer. It isn't very often these instructions are followed.

Diaper sprayers make cleaning washable diapers simple. A diaper sprayer is a simple tool that hooks right into your toilet’s water supply. You don't have to dunk or soak your cloth diapers. The diaper sprayer easily removes solid waste by shooting a pressurized stream of water to release the waste from the diaper. Parents should do this over the toilet so waste is easily flushed down without hassle. Once the solids are washed out of the diaper, toss them into your diaper pail or washing machine. Cleaning washable diapers is no longer a messy, time-consuming process.

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