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Washing Cloth Diapers


Washing Cloth Diapers

If there is one thing that gets a lot of negative feedback about the cloth diapering experience, it is
washing cloth diapers. Most modern parents have vivid memories of dealing with dirty, stinky prefolds that their own mothers used. All the dunking and soaking definitely didn’t create a warm and fuzzy memory and turned off many people who would otherwise consider using cloth diapers. We’re here to tell you that these aren’t your mother’s cloth diapers. In fact, these diapers are so different that even the most squeamish mom or dad should be able to easily accommodate washing cloth diapers; it’s easy and there is little mess involved.

Convenience Tools

One of the biggest breakthroughs in
washing cloth diapershas to be the products that are offered to keep the mess in check. These all but eliminate the need to either soak or dunk the dirty diaper. There are two main products that we feel make the washing routine the easiest: the flushable diaper liner and the diaper sprayer. 

The diaper liner is the one product that many parents turn to when a clean environment is desired for
washing cloth diapers. The diaper liner comes in many forms, but for the purposes of washing, we will discuss the flushable liner. Flushable liners are laid in the interior of your cloth diaper and provides a thin layer to catch solid waste. When a messy diaper happens, the corner of the flushable liner can be peeled off and the entire mass dumped into the toilet for flushing. You are left with much cleaner fabric to wash. Flushing the solid waste is also better for the environment. In fact, even disposable diapers have instructions for shaking solid waste into the sewer, though few parents follow these recommendations.

Another product that makes a washing cloth diaper a piece of cake is the diaper sprayer. The diaper sprayer is a simple tool that hooks right into your toilet’s water supply. Without having to rinse the diaper or dirty your hands, you can easily remove any solid waste with the sprayer and place the rinsed diaper into the pail. While a diaper sprayer isn’t the cheapest diapering accessory, it is one that vastly improves the washing routine for many parents. 

Washing Cloth Diapers

Each cloth diapering parent eventually will develop their own washing routine. However, certain approaches do seem to be more common than others. Most washing routines fall into either a wet-pail or a dry-pail category. A dry pail seems to be the most favored, especially if you are using the convenience products mentioned above.
Washing cloth diapersshould always be done using hot water and with a detergent that is recommended and approved for use with cloth diapers. Many diapering companies, in fact, make their own detergents, which can be used with any brand of cloth diapers. BumGenius, for example, has its own diaper detergent that is widely used and quite affordable. Depending on how many diapers you have to rotate, washing cloth diapersmay be done weekly or even more frequently. Almost all cloth diapering products are designed to be machine dried, though some parents prefer line drying. Either way, at Kelly’s Closet, we think washing cloth diapersis not only an easy but a fulfilling part of the cloth diapering experience.

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