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Washing Cloth Diapers

Washing cloth diapers doesn't have to be time-consuming or gross. There are numerous options for busy moms (and dads) wanting to use cloth diapers without going through great lengths to make sure they are clean. Some parents choose to hire a professional laundry service that specializes in the washing and maintaining of cloth diapers. Others turn to the help of friends and family for quick tips and tricks on how to save time and energy washing their baby's cloth diapers at home.

Professional Service

Professional laundry services were once a very popular trend for busy moms who had no time for washing cloth diapers. Professional services deliver clean diapers and pick up the soiled diapers on a weekly basis. The service usually rents you the use of the diapers in your baby's size. It use to be that washing cloth diapers at home was a hassle. Professional diaper services launder diapers to a rigorous public health standard. Some parents feel they are unable to match the same extent of cleanliness at home. Professional diaper services use 13 changes of water and the high temperature drying that kills bacteria better than laundering at home.

Laundering Diapers

Hiring a professional laundry service to wash your baby's diapers is expensive. It may also be an inconvenience. Since you have to send your soiled diapers away before you get clean ones, you may run into situations where you are out of diapers. Washing cloth diapers at home saves you money and you will always have clean diapers on hand. Today's cloth diapers feature absorbent inserts and fitted legs to prevent leaks. Inserts can be taken out and a new one put in each time your baby needs changing. Your baby can wear the outer shell or diaper cover again and again without washing as long as it has not been soiled. Today's cloth diapers are more affordable and are over all less expensive than renting them from a diaper laundering service.

Washing Cloth Diapers

Washing cloth diapers at home isn't as bad as it may seem. Some parents worry that they can't completely sanitize their diapers on their own, but this is not true. Inexpensive laundry soaps are available for washing and sanitizing baby diapers. Your baby's diapers will have a fresh, brand new feel each time you use them if you follow a few simple washing instructions. The following routine has proven to work well for most parents no matter what type of machine or cloth diapers used:

  1. Wash diapers with detergent in cold water on a short cycle.

  2. Wash diapers with detergent in hot water on a heavy duty/long cycle.

  3. After the long cycle, put your diapers through a second rinse to remove any detergent residue.

With these simple steps, you'll find that washing cloth diapers at home is easy for you and safe for your baby.

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