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Which cloth training pant is right for my child?

Cloth Training Pants Buying Guide & Potty Training Resources

Each child is at a different place with potty learning; as well are the parents. One of the most important keys to successful potty training is to not compare your child (or yourself) to others. Each child will learn to use the potty at their own time, when they are ready.

Training pants come in a variety of options and styles, but can be broken down into 3 main categories.

Thick padded underwear style - these trainers are typically several layers of fabric and fit most like real underwear. They may (or may not) have a thin layer of waterproof material hidden between the layers of fabric. This style is great for families who are looking for the closest thing to underwear, great for at-home training, and will trigger your child to go to the bathroom. They may only catch small misses and may leave their clothing damp. The child can pull these up and down by themselves.

Lightly waterproof style - these trainers are a blend between a cloth diaper and underwear. These trainers typically have a thin layer of waterproof material on the outside, with thin layers of fabric on the inside for absorbency. Inserts may be sewn in or snapped (or laid) into the waterproof cover. This style of potty pants aren’t quite as absorbent as a cloth diaper, but will catch most misses, prevent puddles and should keep most clothing dry. They may work for naps and nights for some children, but are not designed to contain a full pee. You may add extra inserts to most of these to increase absorbency, but this will add bulk. Your child should be able to pull this style up and down like underwear; and some styles may have snaps for any messy misses.

Heavy wetter or overnight style - these trainers tend to fit more like cloth diapers and have the capability of containing larger misses. They are a bit more bulky than other training pants and may have the option pull on or snap on. These trainers usually have pockets for adding additional absorbency and inserts as needed. Great for older toddlers, bedwetting, children with special needs, and come in sizes to fit older children.

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FREE Potty Training Printable Resources provided from our friends at Super Undies.