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Wool Diaper Cover

Parents who are new to cloth diapering may think washing a wool diaper cover is a lot of work. Some would say that caring and cleaning wool diaper covers is difficult and time-consuming. Kelly's Closet provides tips and tricks to make caring for wool diaper covers simple. As a matter of fact, caring for a wool diaper cover is just as simple as caring for fleece and cotton covers.

Yes, You Can Wash Them in the Machine

A popular cloth diapering myth claims wool diaper covers are not machine washable. Parents stay away from wool covers because they do not want the hassle of washing them by hand. Moms and dads who have been using wool diaper covers have shared their stories and tips on how to care for their wool diaper covers at Kelly's Closet.

Washing wool diaper covers is simple. Even if you have multiple covers or just one wool diaper cover, laundering is easy when you put it in the washing machine. Using a washing machine allows you to wash more than one wool diaper cover at the same time. You may think machine washing wool diaper covers causes them to stretch and lose their shape. By following a few simple tricks, the washing machine will have any wool diaper cover clean and odor free without ruining its shape.

  1. Fill the washing machine with warm water and turn it off once it starts to agitate.

  2. Add your choice of wool wash to the water.

  3. Let your wool diaper covers soak in the washing machine for 15 minutes. just as you would if you were washing by hand.

  4. After allowing the diaper covers to soak, set the washing machine to the “Spin” cycle and allow it to run through.

  5. At the end of the cycle, the wool diaper covers from the washing machine and lay each wool diaper cover out flat to dry.

Some parents prefer to make their own wool wash. Homemade wool wash can be made by adding one teaspoon of lanolin and one tablespoon of baby laundry detergent to two cups of water.


A wool diaper cover is made from natural fibers and materials. These diaper covers are roomy and easily stretched to provide optimum comfort for your baby. Wool is soft, smooth and yielding to all of your baby's movements. Your baby can stretch, crawl, bend and walk in comfort without shifting their wool diaper cover out-of-place. Wool diaper covers are also highly absorbent. They hold up to 35 percent of their weight in moisture without feeling damp. Wool diaper covers are breathable and help to prevent diaper rash. Discover the benefits of using a wool diaper cover on your baby without the hassle of washing it by hand.

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