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Wool Diaper Covers

When it comes to diaper protection and stability, wool diaper covers are the way to go. Kissaluvs Wool LOVER Diaper Cover is at the height of fashion for diaper over wear. With its high waist and form fitting design, this wool diaper cover is built to stay put where ever your little one crawls.

Why Wool Diaper Covers?

When considering diaper covers, it's best to take into consideration the material and design of the cover. With wool covers, you can count on its multifaceted benefits. Wool is one the most absorbent materials, which helps with water retention if the diaper ever happens to leak. Wool is a natural fiber and is extremely breathable. Air circulates with ease through the material which can reduce diaper rash as well as keep your baby cool. Since wool is also a natural anti-bacterial, it reduces your baby's risk of infection and keeps your baby's bottom clean.

These wool diaper covers are made with minimally processed Australian wool that was not bleached or had a silicon coating treatment applied to it. The wool is super soft, which makes these covers a much more suitable alternative to PUL covers. Since the wool is from the belly of the sheep and not the coarse top coat, the fiber's are very fine and help to repel outside moisture and reduce the need to lanolize. With wool diaper covers, you get an angel soft Cashmere feel with super comfortable elastic bands around the legs to help it stay in place. Also, no matter which direction the baby may lay or sit, it will be a comfortable direction because there are very few seams on the wool diaper cover.


No need for despair in finding the right size. You can pick the perfect size wool diaper cover by identifying your baby's waist, rise, thigh, crotch, and weight measurements. Take these measurements and you will receive a perfect fit for your baby.

Care and Washing

One of the best parts about the these wool diaper covers is that they only need to be washed every two to three weeks, unless soiled. When washing, soak the cover in cold water for 15 minutes with wool wash detergent (like Eucalan). Do not scrub. Roll in a towel and gently squeeze to remove excess water then lay flat to dry. Lay the cover in direct sunlight to remove any stains.


If you need to store them for an extended period of time, wash wool diaper cover thoroughly without lanolizing. Do not fold or put between other clothes. Hang it or spread the wool diaper cover on the top of other clothes. If pressed, the wool may get stiff and loose it's original soft and luxurious appeal.

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